RC Ready

What are RC models?

RC is english and stands for “Remote Control” which means “remotely controlled”. Our RC models have a cavity in their hull. In this cavity you can easily install a suitable motor which can then be connected to your
Remote control corresponds.

What do I need an RC model for?

Whether you want to test yourself and your model in a competition against other modellers or you just want to test your new model in a relaxed attitude, improve it and enjoy the weather outside.
is entirely up to you.

Are the models waterproof?

These wooden ship models are sealed on the outside and inside with epoxy resin and clear varnish and are thus protected against the penetration of water. So you do not have to worry about water inside.

Are all ship models suitable for an engine?

No, only those models which are marked “RC Ready” are suitable for installation of an engine and for sailing on water.

Which materials are used?

We manufacture all hulls of our ship models in frame construction from wood. In addition, depending on the type of ship, a variety of other materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel, leather and fabric are used.

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