Container Ships

Container Ships

Cargo boats & container ships made out of wood

Wood models of real cargo- and container boats manufactured down to the last detail by hand. These fully developed cargo- and container ships are manufactured by hand and out of high-quality wood, following the hull construction. All model ships are being delivered fully assembled.

Order your cargo- and container boats online through NainTrading.

Under the category “container ships” you will find a selection of models from cargo- to container ships. Our cargo models have a total length of up to one and a half meters. Our offer includes worldwide known cargo ships like the Edmund Fitzgerald, which sunk during a strong storm in the year 1975, or the Arthur M. Anderson, which only escaped the disaster by a close call.

Buy your cargo boat model comfortably online through our online store. We have a big number of high-quality model ships ready for you at all times. Visit the NainTrading online store and convince yourself of the quality and beauty of our models.