Display cabinets

Display cabinets

High-quality display cabinets made out of wood and plexiglas

To protect the detailed model ships against dust, these high-quality display cabinets made our of real wood and plexiglas are the prefect fit. These beautiful display cabinets not only protect your model ship, but also bestow it with a special aura.

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Order your display cabinet online at NainTrading.

Under the category display cabinets you will find a selection of display cabinets according to the different model boat sizes. We offer standing display cabinets or display cabinets for the table in different sizes. All display cabinets are manufactured out of wood and absolutely safe plexiglas.

Buy your display cabinet for your model comfortably online through our online store. We have a big number of high-quality model ships ready for you at all times. Visit the NainTrading online store and convince yourself of the quality and beauty of our models.