Historic sailing ships

Historic sailing ships

Historic sailing ships and true to detail model sailing ships made out of wood.

Relive the flair of long gone times! We offer beautiful historic sailing ships, which have been manufactured after the real models. All model sailing boats are true to detail and 100 % made by hand. Go on a maritime time travel and discover our historic model ships from different centuries, made out of high-quality wood.

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Order your historic model sailing ship online at NainTrading.

Under the category ’historic sailing boats‘ you will find a huge selection of models of historic sailing boats. We offer detailed models in all sizes from various centuries. Gorch Fock, HMS Endeavour, Wasa and the Alexander von Humboldt. All of these and a lot more can be admired and bought in our store. In addition to this we have one replica of the Black Pearl in our range of products.

Buy your model of historic sailing boats comfortably online through our online store. We have a big number of high-quality model ships ready for you at all times. Visit the NainTrading online store and convince yourself of the quality and beauty of our models.