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L: 95,9cm

B: 30cm

H: 63cm

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Our special Esmeralda lacquer finish is handcrafted from magnificent woods such as rosewood, mahogany and teak, as well as a range of other individual woods. The hull is built using the plank-on-body method, where each strip of wood is carefully joined together to form a simple hull. This version is built entirely by hand by a professional and innovative master craftsman. You will be surprised how reasonable it looks. The delivery is painted in black and white in what is sure to be a brilliant colour. On board you will find exceptional information including the wooden bowsprit, foremast, ground mast and mizun mast. They are all connected with some finely sewn material sails, and all rigging is carefully installed by hand in matching colours. The base deck has a “fairy deck” with open windows, wooden ladders, wooden buckets, solid wooden lanterns and wooden canoes. On the aft deck there is a wooden hut and a wooden bridge. On the aft deck there is a navigation area with steel handles and a wooden bucket. The beak deck, poop deck and poop deck are surrounded by steel fences. On both sides of the hull there are rows of open circles and wooden anchors that hit just above the waterline. There are also wooden rudders and steel propellers to steer the ship in the right direction. This version comes with a wooden stand engraved with the nameplate “Esmeralda”. Our version was made to scale according to the authentic plan, photos and drawings. We no longer use plastic parts, but only first-class wood and steel parts. This version is carefully secured for clean transport and packed in a wooden container.


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