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L: 94cm
W: 40cm
H: 80cm

The Fram is a ship completed in 1892 and used by Norwegian polar explorers in the years 1893-1912. The frame had been built to drift in the pack ice without being damaged by the enormous pressure of the ice. At the same time, the ship was so well insulated that it could be called the first zero-energy ship. Fridtjof Nansen took the initiative and commissioned Colin Archer, the renowned Norwegian ship designer from Larvik, to build the frame in 1890. No wooden ship ever sailed higher latitudes than the Fram, neither in the south nor in the north.


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The advertised model ships are complete and accurate replicas of the “Fram”

This model is 100 % hand made and crafted with great precision.
Exotic woods, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood or mango are being used, which result in precious, decorative and exclusive models as an end product. The hull is being sanded down carefully after completion, and if required, painted with clear coating material.

Ornaments and embellishments (for example canons, bull’s-eyes, anchor, dials or wheels et cetera) are made out of brass, chrome and other high-quality metals.

The sails are either out of cloth or silk, the mast is made out of wood and the hemp rope is made out of solid lisle. Some of these ropes have special knots, which allow the ropes to be retightened at any time.

Our models are strictly tested for quality, so that we can offer you a clean product. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. All models are completely assembled upon shipping.

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