HMS Turbulent Submarine

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L: 75cm

B: 8cm

H: 21cm

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This model is fully assembled and ready for immediate viewing. The hull is constructed using the Plankon frame method and each exotic strip of wood is carefully joined together to form a smooth hull. Experienced craftsmen make these detailed wooden models from scratch using historic photographs, drawings and original plans. They are made to scale from high quality wood such as Western Red Cedar, Rosewood and Mahogany. Our model is made to scale from original plans, photos and drawings. We do not use plastic parts, but only wood and metal parts of the highest quality. These are 100% individually hand built in the Plankon Frame structure and resemble the structure of a real ship. Each model takes hundreds of hours to build and has to pass a strict quality control before it leaves the workshop. This is a great model made from Western Red Cedar and Mahogany. The hull is painted with several coats to give it a glossy appearance. Extensive research using original plans and photographs make the model look realistic. All models are subjected to strict quality control before they leave the workshop. This model is made of solid wood. A perfect gift for home and office decorators, boat lovers and avid collectors.


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