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Riva is an Italian motorboat manufacturer. Rivaboats are considered to be of high quality and from the 1950s onwards were a symbol of upmarket luxury and exuberant joie de vivre. They are therefore also known as the Rolls-Royce of the sea.

The Aquarama model was a luxurious wooden runabout that was produced from 1962 to the 1990s. The design was strongly based on the American Chris Craft boats.

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The model ship shown here is a true-to-scale replica of the Riva Aquarama.

This model is 100% handmade with precision and traditional frame construction with fuselage planking.
Exotic woods, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood or mango are being used, which result in precious, decorative and exclusive models as an end product.
After completion, the hull will be sanded and painted, if intended. The model is then coated with a protective clear varnish.

Ornaments and decorations (such as cannons, portholes, anchors, dials and wheels …) are made of brass, chrome or other high-quality metals.

The sails are made of fabric or silk, the masts are made of wood and the rope is made of solid cotton threads. Some of these ropes have special knots with which the ropes can be retensioned at any time.

Our models are strictly tested for quality, so that we can offer you a clean product. Our models are strictly tested for quality, so that we can offer you a clean product. All models are completely assembled upon shipping.

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