SS United States


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L: 81cm
B: 11cm
H: 23cm

The United States still holds the title of the Blue Ribbon as the fastest passenger ship on the transatlantic route. She was used as a liner ship of the shipping company “United States Lines” for the liner service from New York to Europe. The turbine ship was built between 1950 and 1952 in Newport News. Its steam turbines were designed for aircraft carriers, so it had the most powerful propulsion system of any merchant ship ever built. Its top speed was 71 km/h. After a long lay-up period and multiple sales, the United States was supposed to be scrapped, but a group of enthusiasts acquired the ship in 2011 for 3 million US dollars with donations. A combination as a hotel, museum and culture ship is planned.


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The advertised model ships are complete and accurate replicas of the SS United States.

This model is 100 % hand made and crafted with great precision.
Exotic woods, such as teak, mahogany, rosewood or mango are being used, which result in precious, decorative and exclusive models as an end product. The hull is being sanded down carefully after completion, and if required, painted with clear coating material.

Ornaments and embellishments (for example canons, bull’s eyes, anchor, dials or wheels et cetera) are made out of brass, chrome and other high-quality metals.

Our models are strictly tested for quality, so that we can offer you a clean product. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.
All models are completely assembled upon shipping.

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