Ships in Bottles

Ships in Bottles

Ships in a bottle

How can a hand made model of a ship get into a bottle? That makes out a big part of the fascination when it comes to ships in a bottle. Our ships in a bottle are manufactured in a traditional way and are 100 % hand made.

Order your ship in a bottle online at NainTrading.

Under the category ‘ships in a bottle’ you will find a selection of model ships in bottles. At NainTrading you will find smaller models in beautiful 0,7 litre wine bottles as well as bottles with a capacity of 7 litres, which fit a number of models. With us you will find both fitting decoration and gift ideas in different price categories.

Buy your ship in a bottle comfortably online through our online store. We have a big number of high-quality model ships ready for you at all times. Visit the NainTrading online store and convince yourself of the quality and beauty of our models.