Probably the largest model ship in the world, made entirely from matchsticks, with a length of 2.3 m and a height of around 1.9 m is on display in our showroom in the Speicherstadt.

  • Größtes Streichholz Schiffsmodell der Welt (2,3 Meter lang aus rund 80000 Streichhölzern)

Newspaper article about the matchstick model

Lord Nelson’s flagship made of matches

work of a lifelong prisoner

Wedel is one attraction richer: Yesterday, the world’s largest model ship was built from matches in the Schlauer Fährhaus.
The delivery of the “Victory” caused some problems.

Wedel. The object is one of the most curious that Werner Büttner and his employees ever had on their truck. Büttner has
specialised in the transport of unusual goods, but a model ship about two metres long and almost as high made of more
than 100000 matches in a glass display case is something special. In the coming years, the miniature “Victory”
– the model was Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar – visitors to the Schulau Ferry Station are delighted.
Four years ago the ship “dropped anchor” in the Elbe shopping centre. From there it was brought to Wedel yesterday morning.
A costly enterprise: A crane was needed to load the display case and the truck was only allowed to travel at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour.

Owner Wolfgang Uhrig breathed a sigh of relief when the ship was back on solid ground. And then came the nasty surprise:
The showcase did not fit through the double door separating the entrance of the house from the foyer. The box was a full eight centimetres too high.
Büttner knew what to do: Together with his colleagues he unscrewed the chassis and lifted the box through the door on shoulder straps.

Uhrig bought the model out of an estate about 15 years ago. At that time he was the owner of a company for nautical
instruments and also traded in maritime antiques. “When I heard about Victory, of course I was immediately interested.”
he enriched. But the owner did not want to say what he paid for it. Even Uhrig does not know the history of the ship so well.
It was built by a captain who was sentenced to life imprisonment. The “Victory” is 2.30 metres long, 60 centimetres wide and 1.90 metres high.

By Carsten Dürkob


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